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tuka Mhane - give 2

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“I started alone on my journey, friends kept joining in, and it soon it was a ‘movement’….”

Innishari is a seed. Innishari needs friends. Friends who resonate with the idea and can share some time to promote the idea. No it is not philanthropy only; there would be a monetary angle to it…in due course of time. But as of now, a caring ear, a supporting hand and infusion of some energy from friends is what Innishari is looking for. Write to me directly (sonali@innishari.com) to be a part of this initiative in following ways-

  • as a corporate sponsor
  • as a customer for Innishari products and services
  • as a person looking for career opportunities with Innishari
  • as a ‘friend’ :-)

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True forgiveness is not an action after the act, it is an attitude with which you enter each moment.
- David Ridge

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