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Evanescence - wall decorativesEvanescence
A series of value based wall decoratives

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Golden Bow

A Memoir to the self
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a pause in time…

Today we live in a world that is full of opportunities... opportunities that give us the courage to pursue our dreams. Many a time, in the rush to fulfill these dreams and ambitions, we tend to overlook certain beautiful moments that could have left a sparkle in our lives… push behind many a thought provoking questions that might arise as we evolve as human beings... we have forgotten the art of making 'short holiday' in the middle of our busy day. I wonder… is our life a 100 meter dash?

Innishari was born out of this 'chaos' to bring about little 'pauses'. Life is beautiful. Being young is beautiful. Innishari is an experiment to rejuvenate and enrich our lives with small and simple little things which once upon a time taught us to think, laugh, cry, reflect, respond, write and share. Innishari will try to make a sincere effort to remind us all of the beauty and purity of the wonderful life and a yet more wonderful world that has been bestowed upon us.

Innishari aims to create simple 'reminders' in the form of messages with a compelling combination of words and graphics that will trigger a positive thought process.

Sonali Kothari
Founder, Innishari

Our pick today  
True forgiveness is not an action after the act, it is an attitude with which you enter each moment.
- David Ridge

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