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Wall Narratives


Pune- City of the Future

Tuka Mhane - Discovering Tukaram

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Use-Me-Again Cloth Bags


Evanescence Pune- City of the Future Tuka Mhane

A series of 12 individual posters designed to emphasise the importance of SLOWING DOWN and cherish the present moment. Read More

Discovering Tukaram- 'Tuka Mhane'
A visual rendition of Sant Tukaram's abhangas (verses) in the form of wall posters. The text includes the abhangas in Marathi along with an English translation. Read more

Pune- City of the Future
A character sketch of Pune city through illustrations and accompanying story. It is a series of 9 artworks which attempts to give a quick glimpse of what the city stands for. Read more

Gandhi Bags
To spread the teachings and message of Mahatma Gandhi, Innishari, in partnership with ECoexist has brought out cloth bags with inspirational messages on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. Read More


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Innishari's initiative to rediscover the wisdom of Sant Tukaram through wall narratives..Read More

Golden Bow

A Memoir to the self
click to see some pages from the diary