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Pune- City of the Future
A series of wall-narratives for Pune

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Pune - City of the Future : A character sketch of the city through a visual narrative

The project aims to create 'communication experiences' directed towards portraying Pune as one of the fastest growing yet well rooted cities of India (McKinsey has listed Pune among the global cities of the future). People across the globe visit Pune for education, business and tourism. All these people want a closer look at the rich heritage and future possibilities of Pune as a city.

The idea originated from the experience of waiting at airports and other public spaces in different cities in the country and abroad. These international spaces were crowded with advertisements and brands all over and actually looked like shopping malls. Barring a few, all airports look the same. Back home, our public spaces too, seem to be lacking in 'India Conversations'. These spaces can prove to be one of the best places for story-telling and silent yet exciting conversations. The story of India and its values can be told through 'wall narratives' on the huge blankwalls of public spaces and corporate offices.

Pune-City of the Future is a character sketch of the city through the eyes of the people who have been here for generations and through the experiences of people from across the country and abroad, who have made it their home by choice. It is also a reflection of all thosewho have passed by this city of bridges at some point in their life andwant to come back.

This display is just the beginning of a long journey in creating awareness about the city that has all the potential and qualities to
rise up to global expectations. The narratives presented here have been designed with a positive mind to inspire a promising future.


Partner with Us!

Organisations interested in participating in this initiative should contact us for getting the limited use licenses for these artworks. Artworks are available in different resolutions depending on the usage.

These artowrks can be used for-
a) Decorating corporate lobbies with framed pictures or banners
b) Large size building-wraps and banners
c) Public Transport (Bus/Rail) wraps
d) Hoardings & scrolling displays

If needed, Innishari can install and manage these displays for you

You can reach us at connect@innishari.com

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