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gandhi bags

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Gandhi Bags

Innishari in partnership with ECoexist is happy to bring you cloth bags for the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti to spread the message of his life and teachings.

These bags are part of the Ecoexist UseMeAgain campaign that aims to replace the use of plastic carry bags with the habit of reusing cloth bags. The designs have been made by the Innishari team whose goal is to spread the message and wisdom of Indian leaders and philosophers among the youth of India.

The bags are available at a cost of Rs 150 each, are made using undyed cotton fabric and sized 15 x 17 inches. They provide a source of livelihoods to underprivileged women who need to work from home.

The bags can be customised to carry your company logo at an additional cost.


Partner with Us!

Organisations interested in participating in this initiative should contact us for getting the limited use licenses for these artworks. Artworks are available in different resolutions depending on the usage.

These artowrks can be used for-
a) Decorating corporate lobbies with framed pictures or banners
b) Large size building-wraps and banners
c) Public Transport (Bus/Rail) wraps
d) Hoardings & scrolling displays

If needed, Innishari can install and manage these displays for you

You can reach us at connect@innishari.com

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