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Innishari's initiative to rediscover the wisdom of Sant Tukaram through wall narratives..Read More



A series of value based wall narratives

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Golden Bow

A Memoir to the self
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The Tukaram Project is a part of Innishari's 'The Spiritiual Masters of India' Wall Narratives. 'Tuka Mhane', the series, is also an integral part of the Pune branding initiative of Innishari- 'Pune - City of the Future'.
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Tuka Mhane Tuka Mhane

Discovering Tukaram

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Tuka Mhane Wall Narratives available at Tukaram Padawali!
SAVE THE DATE - 18th March, 2017
Jyotsna Bhole Sabhagriha, Pune

Tukaram Padawali

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Pune - City of the Future

A series of wall narratives based on Pune city

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